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What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About You

By Eliot Dean June 29, 2021 0 comments


Do you ever wonder what your favourite sleeping position reveals about your personality? How about in relation to your overall health? Let’s explore what experts say about the best ways to rest and what your sleeping style says about you.

Do you know that we change our sleeping position as much as 10 to 30 times a night? Additionally, many factors are entirely external, like how our partner sleeps and how comfortable our bed mattress is. Certain studies also posit that sleep positions are linked to overall personality types. A study involving 1,000 participants concluded that even though evidence on the link between sleep positions and personality is lacking, the data regarding healthy sleep positions is sufficient.

Sleeping Styles and Personality

While there’s no trustworthy sleeping position personality test available, below are some of the most common sleeping styles, their associated traits, and what research really says.

  • Sleep Position: Fetal Position
  • More-women-sleep-in-a-fetal-position-compared-to-men

    In this position, a person lies on their side with their knees bent towards the chest, curled up like an infant. This sleeping style is highly common among Canadians — and it’s more common with females than males.

    Personality traits:

    People who prefer sleeping in the fetal position are sensitive individuals and may show traits of introversion and shyness.

  • Sleep Position: Log Style

  • People who sleep in the log position, sleep on the side with both arms straight down. If that sounds uncomfortable, the statistics would agree since only about 6% of Canadians report sleeping in the log position.

    Personality traits:

    This indicates a social, easy-going, and trusting personality. Log sleepers are also more likely to see themselves as healthy.

  • Sleep Position: Freefaller Style
  • Millennials and Gen Xers prefer to sleep in the freefaller style

    The freefaller style is the position in which the person lies on the stomach, with their hands up by the pillow and their head turned to the side — similar to a skydiver. This is also known as the prone sleeping position and is commonly associated with millennials and Gen Xers.

    Personality traits:

    Some would say freefallers don’t like criticism and they are bold and outspoken by nature.

  • Sleep Position: Yearner Style

  • A person lies on their side with both their arms stretched out in front of them. The boomers are more likely to sleep this way compared to Gen Xers and millennials.

    Personality traits:

    Individuals who sleep in this position are said to be complex, cynical, and open-minded. Some would say they can be slow to make decisions yet are resolute once their mind is made up.

  • Sleep Position: Soldier
  • In this position, you lie your back with both arms down by your sides. This sleeping position isn’t common because only 11% of Canadians prefer to sleep this way. However, studies show that most people actually start out this way before switching to another position.

    Personality traits:

    Those who sleep in this position are quiet and reserved. Soldiers may also hold both other people and themselves to high standards.

  • Sleep Position: Starfish Style 

  • They go to sleep lying on their back with both arms by their pillows. Men are more likely to report sleeping in the starfish position than women.

    Personality traits:

    Starfishes are seen as selfless, generous people, always ready to lend others a helping hand.

    Body Language in Bed


    According to David Greuner, managing director and co-founder of NYC Surgical Associates, “most people spend 6 or more hours per day sleeping, so of course, your sleeping position reveals a lot about you.”

    In his statement, Gruener isn’t only talking about personality but health as well. He states that your sleep position can also affect your physical well-being. When you stay in a position for several hours that numbs your arm, hurts your hip, or puts a kink in your neck. It also affects your energy level and mental state.

    Fortunately, we can improve our sleeping style to reap the maximum health benefits from the time we spend sleeping in our beds.

    The Best Sleeping Position

     Sleeping on your left side is a good sleeping position

    Remember, the above statements are just interpretations and hints and not highly accurate personality diagnoses. The most crucial thing is understanding what healthy sleep feels and looks like.

    Experts say that side sleeping benefits most people, especially snorers, those with back and neck pain, and mild sleep apnea patients. However, there’s a proper way to do so.

    Lie on your side to allow your airways to remain open and minimize snoring. Sleeping on the left side may help relieve acid reflux and heartburn symptoms, support lymphatic drainage, and promote digestion. You can put a supportive pillow under your head and between your thighs and knees to keep your pelvis, hips, and spine in alignment.

    The Worst Sleeping Position

    Sleeping on your back affects the oxygen flow to your body. This aggravates snoring and leads to more frequent apnea episodes. If you prefer to sleep on your back, then you can place a pillow behind your knees to better support your spine and lessen the pressure that could cause back pain.

    Generally, sleeping on your stomach is the worst of all sleep positions, but there are exceptions. Stomach sleeping may help minimize sleep apnea and snoring. This may be a great choice for individuals with mild versions of these conditions who don’t like sleeping on their sides. On the other hand, it also can cause neck pain. The position makes it difficult to keep your spine neutral and can be hard on your neck and back. Sleeping with a thin pillow or none at all might help if you tend to sleep on your stomach.

    The bottom line is to do what feels good for you and that you wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. Ask yourself if you’re as comfortable as you can be every night. Also, make sure that your bed has enough support so you can easily switch positions. 

    How Your Mattress Can Make a Difference

    A good mattress ensures a restful sleep

    The mattress you use can have a significant effect on your natural sleeping position. This is because your body has a natural need to adapt. For instance, if you’re uncomfortable in one position, you’ll automatically shift to a more comfortable one.

    It’s the same thing when you sleep on a more comfortable bed than you’re used to. Memory foam mattress users, for example, have reported a change in preferred sleeping positions after their level of comfort increased. It’s also true in people who have made the switch from a single-size mattress to a bigger one. The increase in sturdiness and space has eliminated both their prior need to conserve space and any joint pains that caused problems when they slept on their old bed.

    Recent studies show that fetal and soldier positions are the two most likely to be influenced by simply changing their mattress. Many people also switch to a position that uses their newly found extra bed space. We have yet to see whether there’s a connection between changes in sleeping style to a transition in personality traits. Sleep study is fast becoming a popular science and there’ll be more exciting developments in the coming years.

    Now that you’ve learned about various sleeping positions and how they can affect your well-being, it’s time to get a more comfortable mattress for yourself. Direct Bed offers a wide array of premium mattresses and sleep products — you name it, we have it. Call us now at 1-844-475-3378 and we’ll help you select the perfect mattress for you.

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