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Warranty Terms & Conditions

By Direct Bed Team February 23, 2018 0 comments

Variable Warranty Length.

Every Mattress sold by Direct Bed comes with a 1 year non prorated, then variable length prorated warranty. Please look under the warranty information tab of the mattress that you purchased for the length of the warranty.

What does Non Prorated Mean?

Non Prorated means that should anything happen with your mattress, it will be covered completely by the Manufacturer. All Direct Mattresses carry a 1 year non prorated warranty.

What does Prorated warranty mean?

Prorated Warranty Means that your warranty is reduced proportionately by the date of your claim and the length of the warranty. For an example, if you were to have a warranty issue in the third year of owning your mattress, and you have a 5 year warranty then you have 2 years left in your warranty. You will receive two fifths of the value of your original purchase price of your mattress credit towards your replacement mattress.

How do I make a warranty Claim?

If you believe your mattress has a factory defect, you may call Direct Bed at 1 844 475 3378 and speak with one of our representatives for advice. Please read the Warranty Guidelines as set out by our manufacturer in order to make a Warranty Claim. Please note, you must provide your original purchase receipt (we advise storing this under your mattress) which indicates whether or not you purchased a Mattress Protector with your purchase.

Direct Bed Warranty Guidelines

Your Mattress and matching foundation have been engineered to work together to provide the best sleep system. When purchased as a set Mattress, and foundation warranty is for the number of years shown above or directed by retailer.

  1. 1.) Should your mattress be defective due to faulty workmanship or structural defects, your divine sleep product will be replaced or repaired without charge, during the initial period of warranty (other than specific limitations contained herein). Slight body impressions may form caused by the natural nesting and conforming that occurs as the cushioning materials contour, and impressions less than 1 3/4″ are not considered structural defects. After the replacement or repair will be made at a prorate charge of the current manufacturer’s suggested retail price, times the number of years used.
  2. 2.) Warranty is not applicable if foundation is not properly supported by an additional centre rail with leg support frame on queen or king size.
  3. 3.) Warranty is not applicable if mattress/ foundation is abused damaged or has been burned, soiled, or in unsanitary condition and it shall not apply to border wires which are bent due to moving.
  4. 4.) Use of improper foundation may lead to abuse if mattress is purchased separately, and will not be covered by this warranty. For proper support a matching foundation is highly recommended.
  5. 5.) Warranty shall not apply if Law Tag is removed.
  6. 6.) Warranty is only valid to the original purchase of Divine Sleep Mattress.
  7. 7.) Mattress fabric is excluded from this Limited Warranty due to the nature of the product.
  8. 8.) All transportation costs are not covered by this warranty.
  9. 9.) Service and handling charges will apply.
  10. 10.) In any event you have observed any defects, you should contact your retailer service provider with proof of purchase of write directly to Manufacturer.
  11. 11.) Original purchase receipt is required for warranty.

I have Started the Claim Process what now?

We will ask that you provide photographs of the defect in your mattress and ensure you are compliant with the Warranty Guidelines. If you purchased a Mattress Protector with your purchase, we cover the costs associated with your warranty exchange proccess. If you did not purchase a Mattress Protector with your purchase, you will be responsible for the transportation costs associated with the warranty exchange. We will provide you with the address and contact information of the manufacturer. You will be able to return your mattress to the manufacturer and exchange for either a repaired or replacement mattress at the discretion of the Manufacturer.

I Still Do Not Understand the Warranty Process

While the Warranty Claim proccess is fairly simple, we understand that it can be stressful to be without a good quality mattress for any length of time. Please call us at 1 844 475 3378 to speak with a representative to see how we can mediate your situation in the quickest and most beneficial manner to you.

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