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Soft Feel Mattress

Soft mattresses are great for sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds and prefer a plusher surface. The soft feel allows sleepers to sink in more, providing extra conforming that can help relieve pressure points. While soft mattresses can offer a comfortable night's sleep, our soft mattresses have good support and posture components too.

Soft feel mattresses are best suited for Side Sleepers with pain in their joints (knees, hips, shoulders)

The Science of a Soft Mattress

Do you ever notice if you press your whole hand on or just press your finger tip on a surface, which hurts more? In this example, our finger tip has less surface area, and therefore more pressure, more pain.

When we put pressure on our joints (Hips, Shoulders, Knees) our brain senses that blood circulation is being cut off and commands our body to "toss & turn" to relieve that pressure. When you relieve that pressure properly with a better mattress, you are relieving your body of this job, and instead putting the job onto your mattress. Let your mattress do this job, you've got better things to do! ( sleep lolzzz)


Soft Feel Mattresses

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The following Soft mattresses are available in all sizes. To get the mattress you are looking for, pick the right size or click on the mattress. Mattresses are shown with boxsprings for display only. Boxspring sold separately.