Lack of Sleep is Detrimental to your Health.

When a person does not get the right amount and quality of sleep to maintain their health, sleep deprivation sets in. Among the reasons why they lack sleep is because they have to stay up late often. Night-shift workers and parents who need to take care of their babies are among those who have no choice but to sleep late. Students who cram for their exams most of the time are also among those who belong in this category. Those who frequently use their gadgets late into the night also have their body’s natural sleep schedule delayed. All of these situations ruin the body’s natural clock and prevents the body from getting the rest it needs.

To compensate for the inadequate amount of rest their body has, people who lack sleep tend to oversleep. But oversleeping itself poses problems as it reinforces the messed up situation of the body’s natural clock. People who oversleep will wake too late or sleep too early even at work. Thus these people have time management problems as they struggle to overcome the lethargy and laziness that accompanies oversleeping.

Another common reason why people lack sleep is that they have an illness. Some illnesses such as arthritis, heartburn, and bone cancer are too painful for people to bear that they can’t sleep well. Oversleeping and lack of sleep are common among people coping with medical depression. People with heart and kidney problems also find it difficult to sleep. Others have anorexia or anxiety disorders, making them uneasy and sleepless most of the time.

Detrimental effects of sleep deprivation

Our body and health will fare poorly due to sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that lack of quality sleep blunts your concentration, memory retention, and reasoning. Ironically students still burn the midnight oil despite this fact. People deprived of sleep are less able to judge the environment and events around them rationally.

Sleep problems also increase your body’s risk of heart diseases. Those who lack sleep have twice the chances of dying from cardiovascular disease. They also have higher chances of figuring in an accident that can kill or impair them. Truck drivers who have to travel long distances often are among those most vulnerable to sleep deprivation and accidents.

Besides, having not enough sleep can make your body age faster. People with sleeping problems generally have dull skin, eye bags, and wrinkles. You can also gain weight as insufficient sleep makes you constantly crave for food.

Techniques to get that Adequate sleep

Poor sleep decreases our productivity and quality of life. Therefore, it is essential to get adequate sleep that our body needs. That begins with instilling discipline in the self to develop a healthy sleeping habit.

You need to discipline yourself to follow a regular sleep schedule. Let go of all gadgets and activities three hours before your sleep time. Sleep at the same time every night and wake seven hours later. Never sleep all day. Exert extra effort to overcome your sleepiness if you feel tempted to stay in bed until noon, even on weekends. There are ‘Bedtime’ apps you can download, but again, these are only helpful for reminding you to stop using your gadgets when sleep time is just three hours away. Bedtime apps are useless if you remain undisciplined.

Secondly, you have to make your environment conducive for a good night’s sleep. Avoid spicy food, alcohol, and coffee. Instead, drink a glass of warm milk before you go to bed. Hang blackout curtains to keep your room dark. Finally, use the perfect mattress and pillow for your nighttime needs.

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