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Travelling in an RV? Don't forget about a good quality RV Mattress! 

By Gerian Sloetjes August 21, 2021 0 comments

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There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road in your RV, cruising down the highways without a care in the world. Well, maybe just the thought in the back of your mind about the last time you slept in your RV and the back pain you suffered afterward.

Don’t let another night of bad sleep affect your next epic road trip. It’s time you upgraded your RV mattress to one that will let you get a restful night of slumber, so you can hit the road the next day feeling 110%!

Here are some things to consider when you’re looking for your future comfortable RV mattress. 


Before you rush out and buy your new mattress make sure you know what size it needs to be. Most RV mattresses differ in size from your traditional bed ranges. 

So you need to measure your current mattress before you throw it in the landfill, this way you know exactly the right dimensions for your new bed on the road. 


You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a comfortable, long-lasting mattress for your RV. For example, here at Direct Bed, we have a wide range of RV mattresses at a variety of prices. 

Whatever your budget you should be able to find a mattress that lets you sleep as comfortably on the road as you do at home. 

Upgrade your RV bed today

Now that you know the key tips to upgrade your RV mattress what are you waiting for? 

The open road is calling and so is your precious back. Check out the selection of RV mattresses at Direct Bed and you will soon be sleeping like a baby wherever you may end up. 

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