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YES! We carry King RV Mattresses.

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Yes! We carry RV King Mattresses

King RV mattresses comes in one of two sizes; called RV King Mattress or RV Short King Mattress. There are some exceptions to this, but rest assured, Direct Bed can make your King RV mattress to order no matter what size you give us. RV King mattress sizes are narrower and shorter than the traditional king you’d find in a house.

“ARRGHHHH!!! " That’s probably what you said after calling several mattress retailers who told you they don’t carry rv mattress sizes. Have no fear! This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to shop for the perfect rv mattress from Direct Bed.

What is the Size of a RV king Mattress?

RV King Mattresses commonly come in one of two sizes.

RV King Mattress 72 x 80

If space permits, the regular RV King Mattress provides added length in comparison to the RV King Short. This mattress measures 72 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is ideal for people who not only have the available area inside their RV, but also need a longer bed due to personal height.

RV Short King Mattress 72 x 75

When the capacity of the RV is too small to accommodate the RV King Mattress, an RV Short King may be a viable alternative. It still supplies adequate width for two but is a full five inches shorter than the RV King. The dimensions are 72” wide by 75” in length.

Not the size you are looking for?

Do not worry at all. The way it works with Direct Bed, once you place your king size RV mattress we confirm with you by phone the exact size before putting in production. You can order with confidence knowing we can make your mattress to the exact dimensions you need.

Pro Tip: Measuring your King RV Mattress

Don't measure your mattress itself, measure the base that it will lie on. This will give you a more accurate measurement. Direct Bed sells varying thicknesses of RV King Mattresses, make sure you consider thickness too!

"Wow! We had a GREAT experience here. The owner was on site to help us out and he was so knowledgable about his products. Worked well with us and within our budget. They have a 100 night guarantee! If you don't like it, bring it back and get the full value towards another mattress! He also supports local products and made in Canada. If you're looking for a mattress you MUST look here first. You won't need to go anywhere else!"

Mandie Purdy

2 APR 2021

"I bought a queen mattress and twin mattress from Steve. I have been putting off buying a mattress for months because the thought of picking one out and accidentally making a mistake was overwhelming. Steve made the process simple and easy by getting to know my preferences and narrowing it down for me. I've had my bed for a few nights and haven't slept this good in a long time!! I'd recommend Direct Bed for anyone looking to purchase a mattress, even if you think you have a low budget, there are great options!"

Krista Vanderhout

15 Jan 2021

"We were so impressed with the quality of service offered at Direct Bed. The staff assured us they could custom order a mattress size that is not typically available (3/4 size). They also were quick to order the bedding and mattress protectors that accompany. Jesse delivered our mattresses as soon as they were ready and was friendly, professional and so incredibly helpful with getting them up our narrow stairs. Would definitely recommend Direct Bed as the experience from order to delivery was absolutely seamless!"

Annette Heywood

15 Jan 2020

How to buy a King RV Mattress @directbed?

Every Mattress we have is available in King RV size!

Our number one question we get is "how do I buy a King RV Mattress through your website?" Fear not! Buying is simpler than it looks. Every mattress in our line up is available in RV King size, you just need to pick the " RV King Size " option on the product page.

Once you place your order, we will call you and confirm the exact dimensions before we put your new mattress into production.

Go ahead and shop all of our mattresses, narrow it down to the options you need and then just pick RV King to add to cart.

Frequently asked Questions about RV King Mattresses

Can you put a king size bed in an RV?

Most of the time a traditional King, like that you would put inside your home, will not fit in an RV. However, there are modified versions of the King bed that do fit well inside RVs. The first option is the RV King that has the same length as a regular King but is slightly narrower. It has a 72” width compared to the 76 inches of a standard King. The second option is the RV Short King which clips five inches off the length of a traditional King. It maintains the narrow width of the RV King.

What is the thickness of RV king mattresses?

Reviewing RV mattress options, you may notice that they often have similar depths. The mattress thickness of most standard RV mattresses is between 6-12 inches. This slimmer design is meant to take up as little space as possible while maintaining comfort. It does so as to not intrude on the minimal space available in campers, travel trailers, and other RV types. Depending on the contents within an RV mattress, this is a sufficient depth to include quality mattress materials.

What is the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress?

An RV mattress differs from a regular mattress in a couple of ways. Generally speaking, an RV size mattress will be abbreviated in length, width, or both. This way it can more comfortably fit in compact quarters. Another way that these RV mattresses could be distinguishable from a standard mattress is that they tend to be thinner. Nobody really wants to sleep cramped with their face inches from the ceiling. The surface of the mattress sitting lower effectively reduces how close the ceiling is to the bed top.

How do I find the size I am looking for? 

All of our available mattress sizes are listed in the drop down menu on product collection pages, or on product pages themselves. When you pick RV King Size Mattress, this covers any RV King size mattress you want. We will call you to confirm after you have placed your order. You can also reach us at 1 844 475 3378 (1 844 4SLEEP8) if you still have questions.

Where is my mattress manufactured? 

All of our mattresses are proudly made in Canada, right here in Toronto Canada. The lumber for our boxsprings, the foam for our mattresses, the steel for the coils, all Canadian made. Made in Canada means better regulation on these industries and safer, less toxic products.

We have a few exceptions to this. Our Intellibed series, is made in the USA. Our Kingston & Mackenzie mattress are imported from China.

When your Mattress is made in Canada, this means NO Harmful Flame Retardant chemicals. Flame retardant chemicals are very controversial and well known to be carcinogenic. All mattresses made in the USA or imported from china are required by law to have flame retardants in them.

What is the Brand name of your mattresses? 

Our mattresses are made with identical components to name brand mattresses, just not with the expensive name labels. We use our own name brand labels or no label at all for our mattresses.

What is the minimum thickness I need for a mattress? 

Our value foam mattresses start at 5.5" thick. This is the very minimum thickness in foam to support a 250 pound person comfortably without bottoming out the mattress.

The minimum thickness of a mattress does not have to be too thick to do the trick.

Most people like a thicker mattress both for looks and feel, and we do carry mattresses at all different thicknesses. Just read the product description to see the thickness of the mattress you are looking at.

What are the different sizes of mattresses? 

Available Sizes

Twin (Single)

38 Wide x 74.5 Long x 12 inches Thick

The Twin Size mattress, also called a single size mattress is perfect for 1 person. All dimensions can vary up to 1.5 inches to allow for bedding.

Twin XL

38 Wide x 79.5 Long x 12 inches Thick

The Twin XL Size mattress, is perfect for a taller person. Two Twin XL mattresss can also add up to a king size mattress. All dimensions can vary up to 1.5 inches to allow for bedding.

Full (Double)

54" Wide x 74.5" Long x 12 inches Thick

Full Size, also known as Double size is well suited for two sleepers. If all sleepers are less than 6 feet tall, double will work great. If not, you may want to consider a queen size mattress. All dimensions can vary up to 1.5 inches to allow for bedding.


60" Wide x 79.5" Long x 12 inches Thick

The Queen size mattress is the most popular size mattress for two sleepers together. For sleepers over 6 feet long, and who need room to move around, the Queen size mattress is perfect for you. All dimensions can vary up to 1.5 inches to allow for bedding.


78" Wide x 79.5" Long x 12 inches Thick

The King size mattress is the ultimate luxury experience. For two sleepers, you will have plenty of room to move around without the worry of bumping into eachother. All dimensions can vary up to 1.5 inches to allow for bedding.

Size Name Length Width

RV Size (Queen Short)



3/4 Size (Super Single)



Cot Size (Military Single)



California King



Olympic Queen



Grand King



Small Double



Custom Sizes

RV Size, Cot Size, 3/4, Super Single & More

We regularly sell RV size mattresses, 3/4 (known as Super Single), Cot Size & more. If you need a particular custom size not listed, please contact us and we will setup a custom order for you.

Value is required
Thank you!

How long will the mattress last? 

Different mattresses in our line up will last longer or shorter depending on their durability features. Mattresses will also last longer depending on how you take care of them.

Generally, our Basic mattresses will last 2-5 years, our Premium Mattresses will last 5-10 years, our Elite Mattresses will last 8-20 years. As you can see, you do buy a longer lasting mattress with a higher budget.

Generally speaking, a mattress lasts about 8 years if it is a good quality mattress from our Premium collection. If your mattress is over 8 years old, it is time too think about replacing it.

Here are some ways you can wear your mattress out faster:

(1) Not using a mattress protector. This let's sweat into your mattress and accelerates the breakdown of your foam comfort layers.
(2) Jumping on your mattress.
(3) Sitting on the edge of your mattress for extended amounts of time.
(4) 24/7 use of your mattress (long term care & disability)
(5) Not rotating your mattress and distributing wear evenly.

What is the warranty on my mattress? 

Every mattress in our line-up comes with prorated warranty, varying in length depending on the mattress type. Our standard mattresses carry a 1-3 year warranty. Our Premium mattresses carry a 5-8 year warranty. Our Elite Mattresses carry 10-15 or 20 year warranty (Intellibed)

What types of mattress do you carry? 

We carry all types of foam mattresses, spring mattresses, gel matrix mattresses and hybrid mattresses. We carry tight top, pillow top, euro top, box top, value, mid-range and high end. We carry soft, firm, medium, medium firm and medium soft mattresses. Everything on our website ships free across Canada if your order is over $249.

We do have some coil spring mattresses available in our store that are not listed on our website.  

How do I know what type of sleeper I am? 

When you go to bed at night, what is your instinctive position that you start to sleep in? On your back? On your side? On your stomach? Whichever position you instinctively start in, this is your preferred sleeping style.

Many people sleep in all positions, this is okay. If this is your preference, try looking for a mattress that is a side sleeper mattress, since side sleeper mattresses will cover both side and back (or stomach).

How much does a mattress cost? 

This is a very common question. Mattresses are a very difficult product to put a price on since you can have a lot of hidden technology in a mattress which might not appear to you expensive, but can indeed be very expensive. Our least expensive mattresses start from $69 for a twin size, $129 for a double size and $149 for a queen size. This is obviously a basic mattress at this price, but it will work for the right situation. Our mattresses can be as expensive as $9,999.88 which is for our Intellibed Mattress.

So you can see! There is quite a range of prices for a mattress. It is best to speak with one of our Sleep Experts who can help guide you to the right mattress for your needs.

How can I tell how firm your mattresses are? 

If you look at all of our mattresses, you will find you can pick from different feels. We have soft, medium, plush firm, medium firm, firm, very firm to choose from. You will also find in each one of our product descriptions, we talk about how firm a mattress is and who it is best suited for.

Contrary to modern mattress marketing, there are no "one size fits all" mattress feels. Everybody sleeps differently and needs a different feel in their mattress. Take the time to make sure you are picking the right feel, and if you are unsure make sure you speak with one of our representatives.

What's the Most Popular RV King Mattress?

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to picking a mattress.

Having said that, our top sellers are

#1 - The Hudson Suite Mattress
Our best value Cool Gel Memory foam mattress measures in at 8" thick and is a comfy, supportive option at a good price.
#2 - The Louise Suite Mattress
The Louise suite is exactly modeled after the Casper™ mattress and is exclusive to Direct Bed. It has a sumptuous feel and incredible support.

#3 - The Cambridge Suite
For a Royal, luxury firm feel, the Cambridge is our top seller. It is a pocket coil mattress too so you get all the benefits of a coil mattress.

Fast Production & Free Delivery

All Bunk, 3/4 and Short Queen mattresses are in stock and ship out same day. For other custom sizes, as soon as we get your order, we put it into production same day. Production time is around 2-3 days and delivery time is another 3-8 days. We have many other RV Mattresses in stock already if you need an even faster turnaround time. Just call us at 1 844 475 3378 to check availabilty.


Pocket Coil King RV Mattresses

Pocket gives support, posture, cooling and motionless sleep.

Just like Memory Foam RV Mattresses, Pocket Coil Mattresses for your RV are a great premium option or upgrade if you are not happy with your current RV Mattress. If you live in your RV, our personal recommendation is a good quality Pocket Coil RV mattress.

Pocket coil RV mattresses create breathability through the coil system, better air flow and better cooling. Combine this with some of our premium components such as cool gel, nano-coil pillow tops, latex layers, your getaway in your RV now takes on a whole new meaning when you wake up refreshed and energized.

Pocket Coil RV mattresses have pocket coil base support systems which create great posture and support as they adapt better than any other mattress type to the curves of your body. If you can remember the "bowling ball" commercial from long ago, you remember that the boiling pins stayed still while the bowling ball bounced around. That is the magic of a pocket coil mattress, truly undisturbed sleep more than any other mattress support system (including foam).

Now, you can also get  pocket coils in the pillow top (nano coils) which creates the most durable and comfortable pillow top possible. Nano Coils are available exclusively in our Royal Suite Mattress, in our Executive Collection.