Buying a mattress with Direct Bed is one of the best choices you can make when you are shopping for a mattress. Not only are our prices the best your going to get, but we offer Warranty Protector™ on all of our products, exclusive to Direct Bed. When you purchase warranty protector, you will receive 3 major upgrades to your mattress purchase:

  1. Lengthen the Life of your mattress – Did you know the average adult sweats up to 1 bottle of water per night into their mattress? This sweat over time will wear out the foam in your mattress and cause your mattress to become uncomfortable. Dry Foam lasts longer. Warranty Protector™ gives you a 100% waterproof protection over your mattress, keeping your mattress dry and clean. It is estimated that Warranty Protector™ (Bug or Water Proof) can double the life of your mattress!
  2. 100 Night Exchange Guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, Warranty Protector gives you 100 Nights to exchange your mattress for another mattress in our line up. Without Warranty Protector ™ we cannot offer this privilege.
  3. Free Warranty Swap on your purchase – Should anything go wrong with your mattress and it is a warranty issue, Direct Bed will come out to your house and swap your mattress with a brand new mattress. Without Warranty Protector™, you will have to manage transportation of the mattress to and from the factory.

Other benefits of purchasing Warranty Protector? You keep your mattress protected and free of any stains or spills. If you purchase Bug Proof Warranty Protector™ you also receive 100% protection against bed bugs getting into your mattress with exclusive micro-zipper lock technology.

All protectors are 100% waterproof, breathable, silent and machine washable. Warranty Protector™ is an excellent way to protect your important investment and keep you sleeping longer and more comfortably.

Purchase Waterproof Warranty Protector™

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