There are Many reasons why it matters to buy a mattress in Canada. As the owner of Direct Bed, I used to think little of buying products offshore. Plastic toys, computer parts, mostly made in other countries now. The same applies to the furniture industry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of 40 foot shipping containers arriving in Canada annually filled with furniture that was made offshore.

Why does a furniture company decide to have their furniture made offshore and imported into Canada? Ultimately it is to buy at a lower price. But how is this price reduction achieved? Here are the top 3 ways:

  1. Cheaper Labour
  2. Less Government Regulation
  3. Distribution Advantage

Cheaper Labour – cheap labour exists in many offshore countries.  Obviously if your product takes 5 hours of labour to manufacture, then a good paying Canadian Job would cost about $75.00 in manufacturing labour. The same product offshore, may only cost $15.00 in manufacturing labour.

Less Government Regulation – While we all dislike government regulation in one way or another, it serves for our protection. Government regulation protects laborers from being abused. Governments regulate and protect industries using hazardous or toxic substances and ensure that the safest methods are being used to manufacture goods. When this regulation is removed, it certainly is cheaper to manufacture with cheaper labour, and less requirements for safety.

Distribution Advantage – Companies can often ship their container of goods globally and gain distribution advantages from manufacturing offshore. While enormous amounts of fuel are consumed to ship these items around the world, the tradeoff in savings outweighs the cost of fuel to transport.

These are certainly cost saving methods, however these methods do not value Human Rights, Consumer Safety or Environmental Protection. These savings come at the expense of abused laborers, poisonous exposure of harmful toxins to consumers and harmful environmental practices. Hey, I’m cheap, but not that cheap!

Direct Bed Strictly sources products made in Canada! We think Made in Canada Matters. Our Mattress foam is procured from Canadian Only foam manufacturers. Imported foam can have some very potent toxins that foreign governments do not protect the consumer against. Our Lumber to build our box springs is strictly Canadian Lumber. Our steel used to build our Spring Systems and Bedframes is all Canadian Steel.

If you are thinking of going out shopping for a mattress, ask where it is made first before purchasing. The savings might look great, but consider the source of those savings. We live in a beautiful country filled with great Canadian Manufacturers. Love it or hate it, we have an amazing and stable government system that really values public safety. Let’s support this beautiful country and buy from Canadian Manufacturers.


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