How to Make your Mattress Last Longer

When you think about a mattress, what comes to mind? For the majority of people, it’s soft beds
that roll and flow with your body, making you feel as if you were sucked deep into the cushion
itself. While this may be comfortable for some, it’s definitely not for everybody. Moreover, it’s far
from ideal for your body to sleep in a bed that’s too soft. If the mattress caves in too
aggressively, your back will have to hold the weight of the entire body. This, in turn, can lead to
chronic back pain, especially in the mid and lower back areas.
However, choosing a firm mattress may be much more complicated than one thinks. One that is
low quality will not stay firm for very long. That being said, even if you get the highest-quality
firm mattress, you need to know how to look after it to make sure that it stays at peak condition
for as long as possible.

Why are firm mattresses better?

Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, a firm mattress with help to
distribute your weight more equally so that your body doesn’t have to take on the load in one
specific area. While stomach sleepers should get a softer mattress to help prevent neck and
shoulder pain due to the pressure on their heads, this doesn’t mean that they should go for a
mattress that has the consistency of marshmallow. There should still be some bounce to the
mattress to help provide support to the areas that need it most.
With that said, here are eight tips on how to keep your mattress firm to increase its longevity:

Take advantage of the Sleep Trial Period

Most online mattress companies will offer a sleep trial period where you can test out the
mattress and ship it back whenever you want if it doesn’t meet your needs. This is the perfect
opportunity for you to see how the bed feels before you make the final decision.

Flip the Mattress

One of the easiest and ways to help alleviate some pressure from the bed is by flipping it once
every few months. This way, the springs on one side will get to relax while the other ones are
being used. Keep in mind that this will only work with a mattress that can be used on both sides.
Give Your Mattress a Sun Bath
Giving your mattress a couple of hours of sunlight a couple of times a year can help to relax the
springs and kill off all the bacteria, germ, and mold. It’s also great for getting rid of undesirable

Add a Mattress Topper

Adding another layer of mattress toppers such as memory foam or some sort of cushioning can
help to maintain the springs while giving you maximum comfort.
Replace Mattress Layers
If your bed is made of multiple layers, you can take off the parts that have deteriorated,
replacing them with new ones to keep the mattress in the best shape for a longer time.

Replace Box Spring

While mattress springs are typically quite durable, you still need to take care of them to keep
them in the best condition that will support your spine for years to come. You may want to shift
your starting sleep position around once in a while to distribute the workload throughout the bed.
If all things fail, you can replace the entire box spring set to keep it in the best condition.

Add some Plywood Boards

Some bed frame models actually come with boards to support areas such as your lower back,
neck, and shoulders. These are typically common in custom-made beds, but you can add them
to your normal bed frame as well.

Keep the Bedroom Temperature Cool

One final thing to remember is that mattresses typically don’t last as long when stored a warm
room, so it’s a good idea to keep your bedroom slightly cooler than the rest of the house, if
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