Guide on choosing your Bed Frame

Guide to Choosing a Bed Frame

We produce several types of bed frames. Here is an abridged list, along with a few definitions, of the different options available while selecting the perfect bed frame.

Type of frame

New Bedframe Generation: Choose our most recent model, the Balance bedframe, featuring the most recessed legs on the market. Offering additional space for toes (4.75”), it is safer than ever. The heavy-duty double center bar adds strength, offering the best support for your mattress. The Balance bedframe is perfect if you have a headboard to install, and its interlock system makes assembly easy.

Balance type de base
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Regular frame: if you have a mattress/box spring set only, or if you install a headboard only.
Headboard / footboard frame: if you install a headboard and a footboard.
Low profile frame: this frame lowers your bed by 3″, compared to a regular frame.

Type of attachment

Nuts & bolts: allows for a more precise adjustment than an interlock frame.
Interlock: allows for an easier and quicker assembly of your bed frame.

Type of legs

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Long metal glide:
Recommended for hardwood and laminated floor
Our sturdier foot
Plastic bottom will not mark flooring
Standard height: 7 1/8” from the floor
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Short metal glide:
Ideal to lower the bed
Standard height: 5 1/2” from the floor
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Rug caster :
Allows to move the bed and clean underneath
Standard height: 7 1/4” from the floor
Height with low profile frame: 4 ½” from floor
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Plastic glide:
Standard height: 7 1/8” from the floor
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Adjustable glide:
Recommended for hardwood and laminated floor
Allows for height adjustment of your bed, from 5 7/8” to 8 ¼”
Ideal if your floor is not at level

Type of feet

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Regular flange (500): Our 4″ standard flange. Holes: 2.5” centre to centre.
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Low profile flange (755A): Our 5″ flange for low profile frames, which can be installed on our standard frames as well. Holes: 4” centre to centre, and 2.5”.
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Large flange (755B): Our sturdier 6″ flange. This flange offers a better adjustment and a more secure support. This flange is attached with 3 rivets to the frame as compared 2 for other models. Holes: 4” centre to centre, and 2.5”.

Frames recommended, according to bed size

Single bed: regular frame with 4 legs, with or without a center support for more sturdiness

  • Recommended regular frames: 500, 550, 600.
  • Recommended headboard / footboard frames: 755DG, 755D
  • Recommended low profile frames: LO-1GL, LO-1B

Double bed: frame with center support, as required by mattress manufacturers on most warranties.

  • Recommended frames: 550, 850, 600, 960
  • Recommended headboard / footboard frames: T755DG, T755D
  • Recommended low profile frames: LO-2GL, LO-2B

Queen size bed: frames with 73.5″ sides, and center support for maximum sturdiness.

  • Recommended frames: Balance (2000, 2500C), B600XL, B960XL, B961XL, 510, 910
  • Recommended headboard / footboard frames: 755QG, 755Q
  • Recommended low profile frames: LO-3GL, LO-3B

King size bed: frames with heavy duty 73.5″ sides (1 ½” x 1 ½”), and 2 center supports to better hold split box springs.

  • Recommended frames: Balance (2000, 2500C), Ultimax (1100, 1000, WE1000), 510K, 910K
  • Recommended headboard / footboard frames: Ultimax (1100, 1000), 755KG, 755K
  • Recommended low profile frames: LO-4GL, LO-4B
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