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STOP Snoring (No CPAP Required)

By Direct Bed Team April 01, 2019 0 comments

Read this entire Article to learn how to FINALLY Stop Snoring for just $69.00

The Curse of Snoring

Snoring! What a terrible curse. I myself, as I write this article am a confessed “snorer”. In my younger years I never had a problem with snoring, but in my thirties, I started to snore. I didn’t really even realize I was snoring to be honest. It took my poor wife to politely tell me that I had a problem with snoring.

What’s worse, whenever I am on a sleep over or on a business trip, or whatever the case, the snoring becomes really embarrassing. These are the social problems with snoring, but what other problems with snoring?

Here are the top problems with snoring:

  1. 1.) Snoring is socially embarrassing
  2. 2.) Snoring can create relational problems in marriage including partners sleeping in different rooms.
  3. 3.) Snoring can cause you to stop breathing all together and in fact can deprive your brain of oxygen.
  4. 4.) A lack of oxygen at rest, often referred to as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, can be dangerous for your health and is linked to the following problems:
    1. 5.) Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
    2. 6.) Dementia
    3. 7.) Coronary Artery Disease (Heart Attacks, Plaque Build up)
    4. 8.) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    5. 9.) Lack of Energy & Focus
    6. 10.) Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

…. diabetes, obesity and many more.

What exactly is Snoring, and how does one “Snore”??


1.) Deep Sleep Causes Loss of Muscle Control

You Lose Control of your muscles, including your muscles of your upper airway when you fall into deep sleep. Your body does not know you are being injured by your own inability to protect your air way.

2.) Flacid Airway Structures Obstruct Airway

Due to extra Adipose Tissue in your Airway Structures your airways become blocked. This can be from being overweight, but some times is just from your natural shape of your airway. It is NOT your fault that you snore! The Picture left (or above) shows actual airways being blocked while sleeping.

3.) Your Body’s reaction is to “hobble” along and “snore”

Your body then forces air through the tiny openings in your upper airway, and creates the infamous snoring noise that we have all come to know, and certainly not love.

Okay, How do I stop??

If you go to your Doctor, they are most likely TRAINED to recommend CPAP to you. Really? A $2000.00 to $3000.00 machine, that requires about $500.00 in new parts every year. What’s worse, CPAP creates a lifetime dependence for this breathing machine. If you are considering CPAP, wouldn’t it at least make a little bit of sense to try some cheaper alternatives first? At the end of the day, we are here to STOP SNORING , CPAP is only one of the many ways you can achieve this.

Top 5 Anti Snoring Alternatives (NOT CPAP)

Out of the many (over 20+) anti snoring devices, here are the top rated, most effective anti snoring devices that are NOT CPAP.

1.) Anti Snoring Strap

How does it work? By forcing your mouth to be closed while sleeping, you encourage nose breathing. Snoring is next to impossible during nose breathing. If you can encourage nose breathing, you can eliminate snoring.

2.) Anti Snoring Nose Clip

How does it work? By clipping your inner septum of your nose, you are triggering your nostrils to flare and once again encourage nose breathing. Nose breathing again, is shown to stop snoring dead in it’s tracks.

3.) Anti Snoring Nose Filter

How does it work? This brilliant device inserts into your nostrils and both filters the air coming into your nostrils as well as ensures that your nostrils are kept open while you sleep. Once again, it is based on the science that forcing your body to nose breath during sleep, you can avoid snoring.

4.) Anti Snoring Nose Cones

How does it work? These innovative shaped mini cones are inserted into your nostrils, and once again open up your nares and keep you nose breathing all night long.

5.) Anti Snoring Nose Strips

How does it work? These nose strip adhesives bind to your nose much like a bandaid and lift your nostrils upward, thus opening your nares (nostrils). Once again, the strategy is to KEEP THOSE NOSTRILS open. When you force nose breathing, you help to eliminate snoring.

Okay, but which one is going to 100% Guaranteed work for me?

Each of these devices on their own has shown a 40%-60% success rate in stopping snoring completely, however due to everybody’s different response to the device, it is difficult to tell which one will give you guaranteed results. Direct Bed has put together the TOP 5 ANTI SNORE Package which bundles all of these devices together and allows you to try each one separately (or in combination!) and come up with your winning anti-snore results.

Normally $200.00, Now get all 5 Snoring Solutions for just $69.00

Normally this package would cost over $200.00 if you were to purchase each solution separately, but by bundling this package together, you are getting 60% savings.


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