Hamilton Suite Full Supportive 6″ Soy Foam Mattress


The Hamilton Suite Mattress is a deceptively high value product. Not much to look at but this foam mattress will support up to a 250 lb person (Twin size) and over twice that amount for Double, Queen and King Size. It is comfortable, and still supportive. The foam is CertiPure Organic Soy foam with low VOC off gassing, and of course Made in Canada.

Twin Size – $88.00 $68.00 
Double Size – $98.00
Queen Size – $98.00
King Size – $168.00


Full Supportive Foam

Full thickness mattress will support up to 250 pounds body weight

Lightweight Removal, Washable Cover

Zippered cover feature allows you to remove this cover and keep it clean.

High Density Support Foam

Full Supportive Foam comes from the high density quality of this Canadian Made Foam. Thickness of this mattress allows for full support of up o 250 pound person.


CertiPure Organic Foam

Organic Soy Foam constructions means you are not sleeping on harsh chemicals and toxic substances.

Full Perimeter Support

Foam is rigid right up until edge surface. Perfect support for children’s beds and bunk beds.

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Twin (Single), Double (Full), Queen & King Mattress Sizes all in stock. Other Custom Sizes Available upon Request

The Hamilton Suite Mattress is Rated 7.0 Medium to Firm using our unique mattress comfort scale. Click each feel below to discover for yourself exactly how The Hamilton Suite feels using your own body as a guide!


Organic Foam and Quilting, 6″ Loft Full Supportive Mattress

The Hamilton Suite Mattress is a universally comfortable mattress suitable for all ages. Discover some of the great features of this mattress below.

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The Hamilton Suite is a Organic Foam Mattress with Zippable removable Cover. We’ve shopped major competitors for similar component mattress to give you an idea of your savings when you purchase with Direct Bed.

6″ Foam Mattress (Twin)


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Cushion Firm Twin Mattress- Preselected Colour


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Our Price is only $68.00, Save over 30% when you shop www.directbed.ca!

Twin Foam Mattress


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Our Price is only $68.00, Save over 30% when you shop www.directbed.ca!




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